Saturday, January 22, 2011


Petra Jordan
The Petra is one of the new wonders of the world, it is the most famous and valuable treasure in Jordan. It is the best known tourist attraction in Jordan. Petra is an archaeological site on the slope of mount Hor. It is located at South of Jordan.

The "lost city" of Petra is a unique ancient place, also known as the "Red-Rose City". Around two thousand years ago, the Nabataeans (Arabian Industrious people) who settled there and carved Petra out of rocks. Therefore, Petra also means 'Rocks'. The temple, tombs and other buildings are carved out from the sandstone cliffs. This city was an important route for the Nabataeans to trade those spices, silk and others to China, India, Egypt, Rome and Greece.

However, the Nabataeans dynasty has been forgotten and abandoned by the western people after the 14th century. Till 1812, a swiss traveler, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt who rediscovered this city.

Petra Treasury
The entrance to the city is to pass through Siq (narrow gorge), over 1km in length. After reaching Siq, the Al-Khazneh (Treasury) can be seen. It is 30 meters wide and the height is 43 meters; known as the highest structure in Petra. It is also a tomb for the King Nabataean.

Donkey or camel riding are also available; to allow tourists to have an exciting and adventurous Petra trip.

Besides that, this Petra city reached new height of fame when it featured in 1989 Hollywood film, the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

The last scene of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade shows the Treasury serves as a secret temple lost for hundreds of year. This movie talks about Indiana Jones and his father, Henry Jones are searching the mysterious Holy Grail which has power to give longevity to a person. The mysterious Holy Grail is guarded by the knight of crusade inside the treasury.

Petra, the rock carved city is the Jordan's most important tourist attraction. This city gathers tourist from all over the world. The fascinating Petra structure impress lots of people!!!


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