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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Petra Jordan
The Petra is one of the new wonders of the world, it is the most famous and valuable treasure in Jordan. It is the best known tourist attraction in Jordan. Petra is an archaeological site on the slope of mount Hor. It is located at South of Jordan.

The "lost city" of Petra is a unique ancient place, also known as the "Red-Rose City". Around two thousand years ago, the Nabataeans (Arabian Industrious people) who settled there and carved Petra out of rocks. Therefore, Petra also means 'Rocks'. The temple, tombs and other buildings are carved out from the sandstone cliffs. This city was an important route for the Nabataeans to trade those spices, silk and others to China, India, Egypt, Rome and Greece.

However, the Nabataeans dynasty has been forgotten and abandoned by the western people after the 14th century. Till 1812, a swiss traveler, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt who rediscovered this city.

Petra Treasury
The entrance to the city is to pass through Siq (narrow gorge), over 1km in length. After reaching Siq, the Al-Khazneh (Treasury) can be seen. It is 30 meters wide and the height is 43 meters; known as the highest structure in Petra. It is also a tomb for the King Nabataean.

Donkey or camel riding are also available; to allow tourists to have an exciting and adventurous Petra trip.

Besides that, this Petra city reached new height of fame when it featured in 1989 Hollywood film, the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

The last scene of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade shows the Treasury serves as a secret temple lost for hundreds of year. This movie talks about Indiana Jones and his father, Henry Jones are searching the mysterious Holy Grail which has power to give longevity to a person. The mysterious Holy Grail is guarded by the knight of crusade inside the treasury.

Petra, the rock carved city is the Jordan's most important tourist attraction. This city gathers tourist from all over the world. The fascinating Petra structure impress lots of people!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Colosseum

The Colosseum
The Colosseum is the most famous monument in Rome. It is an oval shaped amphitheater situated in the heart of Rome. The Colosseum originally named as 'Flavian Amphitheater'. It is a massive and huge building; gorgeous architectural work.

It was built by the Roman Emperor Vespasian in the year 70A.D. He was the founder of Flavian dynasty. The whole building was completed at 80A.D after the Emperor died and his son Titus opened it to public. The Colosseum is built next to the giant statue of Colossus and occupied part of the Nero's park.
This Roman Colosseum can accomodate about 50,000 people. It is 189m (615ft) long, 156m (510ft) wide and with a base area of 6 arces. The Colosseum contains 4 storeys: the seats in upper storey was provided for lower class and women, the lowest storey was provided for prominent citizens, the ground part was cages for wild animals. The Colosseum was also covered with an enormous awning (velarium) to protect those audiences from sun.
Pollice verso
In the old centuries, the amphitheater was used for gladiatorial combats, mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles and dramas based on Classical mythology. Emperors like to entertain the publics with those gladiators fight against wild animals. The gladiators are mostly from slaves or prisoner. However, the amphitheater was damaged by fire and earthquakes several times but had been repaired continuously.

Finally, the Roman Colosseum is a major landmark and popular tourist attraction in Rome.

Mayan City of Chichen Itza

The sacred city of Itza known as Chichen Itza in Maya. The name 'Chichen Itza' means 'At the mouth of the well of the Itza'. It is located at 75 miles east of Merida; the Capital of the State of Yucatan, Mexico.The Chichen Itza is one of the most famous and and best preserved Mayan sites in the world. It has been widely studied, excavated and restored. This city is full with mystery and legend.

The ruins are divided into two groups such as the Mayan and Toltecs. The Mayan Indians built and lived in the Chichen Itza during 7th and 10th centuries A.D. Then, the Toltec tribe invaded the place during the 10th and 13th centuries and influenced the architectural style of the classic Mayan people. The Mayan people had developed a sophisticated writing system, mathematics, astronomy, calendar and architectural perfection.

Chichen Itza is a large city to explore and divided into several sites.
Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan

Another name for Pyramid of Kukulkan is 'El Castillo' (the castle) and it is at the center of Chichen. This Kukulkan Pyramid can be functioned as a solar calendar. The pyramid is 78 feet tall and each side of the pyramid contains 91 steps plus a platform on the top equaling 365 stairs which represent one for each day of the year. It is a perfect rectangular shape and very steep. People can have a spectacular view on top of the pyramid.
The Temple of the Warriors

The Temple of the Warriors and its adjacent Temple of the Jaguar are very impressive structure on the complex. It is 10 meters tall and 40 by 40 meters wide. This temple is used to honour those warriors who has fought and fallen in the past.

The hoops on the walls of the Ball Court

The Ball Court is the largest in Mexico and almost part of almost every Mayan City. The ball game involves two teams; the goal of the game is to knock the ball through the hoops on the walls of the court without using hands and feet.

The Observatory

The Observatory also known as 'Caracol' or 'Snail'. It is used for the Mayan People to understand astronomy. Hence, they are expert in astronomy which allows them to develop mathematics and understand the cycle of nature.

The Sacred Cenote

The Cenote is a sinkhole in the limestone bed which is formed by the water percolating through the soft limestone. The cenote acts as their source of water. Other than that, the cenote is a sacrifice site; sacrifice the humans to the gods.

This Chichen Itza Mayan are truly one of the amazing wonders and historical place in Mexico.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Iguazu Waterfalls

The Iguazu Waterfalls known as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
The waterfalls of the Iguazu River are located on the border of the Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. There are two bridges connecting the countries such as the Amistad bridge (between Brazil and Paraguay) and the Tancredo Neves bridge (between Brazil and Argentina). The waterfalls are true wonder of nature; part of Iguazu Waterfall National Park in Argentina.

The name Iguazu mean 'Great Water' in local Indian language. This Iguazu Waterfall is taller and wider than Niagara Waterfall. It consists of 275 waterfalls along 2.7 kilometers of the Iguazu River. The Iguazu Waterfalls has been divided into separate waterfalls. One of the well known waterfall is the Devil's throat; others notable falls known as San Martini, Bossetti and Bernabe Mendez.

There is a legend states that the waterfalls was created by god of the Iguazu River, who lived in the Devil's Throat. It began when the God fell in love with Naipi (a human), but Naipi has a lover named Taroba. Hence, the God was angry and sliced the river; creating the waterfalls to separate the two lovers.

This Iguazu Waterfalls is also the most visited place. There are two basic circuits: the upper path and the lower the path. The upper path allows the tourist to have a beautiful view of the gigantic waterfall from the bridge; whereas the lower path leads to the base of the falls and the tourist can feel the spray from the falls. Other than Iguazu Waterfall, the Iguazu Waterfall National Park also a wonderful place to explore and have fun. In the National Park, there are variety species of plants and animals. The river rafting and rock climbing are provided. This Iguazu Waterfall National Park offers safety and comfort environment for all the visitors to enjoy the beauty nature of the Iguazu falls.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is another famous tourist attraction place. Many people wants to have a look at the spectacular structure of the Great Wall.
It is one of the seven Wonders of the world. It is one of the world's largest man made structure.

Another name for Great Wall of China is 'Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li'. This Great Wall of China is approximately 6,400km (4000 miles) long from Shanghaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west and up to 26 feet (8m) in height. It is believed that about 2-3 million people died when building this wall.

The Chinese were already familiar with the techniques of wall building in old times. From the 5th century, seven powerful states had built the walls to defend and protect themselves from enemies.

In 221BC, the powerful Emperor Qin conquered the other six states and unified them into one kingdom. He became the ruler of the kingdom and established the Qin dynasty. He even ordered to connect the walls which built by other states to strengthen his forces and protect his empire from the Xiongnu people (Huns). The stones from mountains and rammed earth were used in the wall construction. However, the ancient wall have eroded away over centuries, few sections remain today. Then, the others dynasty includes Han, Sui, Northern, Jin repaired and rebuilt the great wall to protect themselves.
Great Wall of China military strongholds
Besides that, the Ming dynasty (1388-1644) established and done some modifications on the walls to keep out those nomadic Mongols. The Ming dynasty added some new areas from the Qin walls. The Ming construction are more stronger than Qin because bricks were used instead of those stones and rammed earth. Guard stations and watch towers were built too in order to increase the military prowess. The fortresses are used to store military supplies, beacons were built to provide sufficient amount of light. Other than that, the guards will send smoke signal and fire cannons to alert each other of enemy's attack.
The construction of the Great Wall is very successful under Ming dynasty; however, it can't withstand the invaders from Manchuria in 17th century. It brought down the Ming dynasty and gave rise to the Qing dynasty.

Now, the Great Wall of China has become famous tourist place and the most popular sections are the ones near Beijing, especially Juyonngguan pass and the Mutianyu Great Wall. The Shanhaiguan Great Wall is also another popular stop for tourist walking along the Great Wall.
The Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef from Australia is one of the Natural Wonders and known as the largest reef in the world.This Great Barrier Reef is covering over 350,000 square kilometers of the sea off the Tropical North Queensland Coast of Australia in the Coral Sea.

In facts, reefs can be made of coral, sand or rock. The reef can be classified into three different groups such as Fringing reef, Barrier reef (such as the Great Barrier Reef) and Atoll reef(circular reef). The Barrier reef grows some distance from the shore before coming close to the surface. Whereas, Fringing reef is formed by the corals grows in the shallow water along the shores of land. The difference between Atoll reef with others group is the presence of lagoon in the center.

Besides that, corals make up several reefs and cays is responsible for huge diversity of sea life. The Great Barrier Reef is the natural habitat for marine creatures, including many vulnerable endangered species.
Huge variety of sea life in the reef comprises 1500 species of marine fish, 5000 species of molluscs, 360 species of hard corals, 600 species of echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumber, sea urchins), 500 species of seaweed, marine mammals such as whales, dolphins and dugongs, 6 species of marine turtles, 14 species of sea snakes, 200 species of birds, 125 species of sharks.

The gorgeous Great Barrier Reef Marine Park attracts more than 2 million people each year. Such a best place to enjoy the mother nature out from the busy working life. The activities include reef sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling. Many fascinating and unique marine creatures can be observed under the sea. Sure will have an unforgettable memory.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Grand Canyon, United States

Grand Canyon is a gigantic canyon, a steep gorge by the Colorado River, Arizona in United States. The beauty of the canyon can be considered as one of The Wonders of the Natural World. This canyon is 277 miles in length, 4 to 18 miles in width and about a mile in depth. Besides that, some guesses and opinion from the scientist say that the canyon has been created by the Colorado River over a six million year period.
Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tour
The Grand Canyon has been home to Native Americans over thousands of years. They built settlements in the caves within the canyon. About 4,000 years ago, the Paleo Hunters lived in Grand Canyon until about 1000BC. Then, Ancestral Puebloan people moved in around 500AD. They left behind 2000 Ancestral Puebloan sites including the Tusayan Pueblo in 1185AD. In the 1300s, the Cerbat people (ancestor's of today Hualapai and Huavasupai) moved along into the canyon.

Now, the Grand Canyon attracts a lots of tourist. It is the best place for exploring and enjoying the nature. The three major rims of the Grand Canyon include South Rim, North Rim and West Rim. The 'Skywalk' is located at Eagle point on the Hualapai Indian Tribal land; it's extends 65ft over the edge of the Grand Canyon's West Rim. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass bottom U-shaped bridge and also known as the world's highest man-made structure. This magnificent 'Skywalk' provides the tourist with a bird's eyes view of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon National Park attracts more than 5 million tourists a year. It provides all kinds of activities such as river rafting expedition, camping, hiking and others.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk